Meet Your Host - Lauren Lavo

Lauren Lavo is an alum of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She has been living in the Cleveland/Akron area since 2013 working for Shearer’s Snacks. Shearer’s was founded in 1974 as a snack food distributor in Brewster, Ohio and produces a range of snack foods including potato chips, tortilla chips, cheese curls/puffs, popcorn, rice crisps, wafers, cookies, and whole grain chips. In addition to its savory snacks, Shearer’s is also home to the world’s first snack food plant in the world to attain a LEED Platinum Certification for sustainability. At Shearer’s, Lauren works as a Continuous Improvement Manager, where she leads and executes Productivity projects.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys Stand Up Paddle Boarding, hiking, and horseback riding. Lauren is originally a native of Endicott, NY.