Shearer's Recap

How many pounds of potatoes does it take to make one pound of potato chips? Are ghost pepper chips as hot as the bag  warns?  Can you heat a building using rejected fryer heat?

Answers to each were discovered during our private tour of Shearer's.  CU Food Science grad and Shearer's Continuous Improvement Manager Lauren Lavo led a group of Cornellians through the world's first LEED Platinum certified snack food factory.  Raw potatoes were peeled, sliced, fried, seasoned, and bagged on multiple chip lines while raw corn was cooked, soaked, milled, baked, and fried in the tortilla section. A fascinating tour behind the scenes of a favorite snack and the chance to sample some old favorites and "just released" flavors.  

Answers, 3.8, yes, and yes!