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Creating Our Reality: Consciousness - Discover The Missing Piece

  • McGladrey 1001 Lakeside Ave E, Suite 200 Cleveland, OH, 44114 United States (map)
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Applied Spirituality has always been about the intentional, deliberate and scientific application of 'spiritual' energy in understanding how the world works, which is to say how we get the outcomes that we get individually and collectively. 

The missing piece has been 'consciousness'. What is it? Where is it? What is the Quality of it? How do we use it?

Until now, mankind has been able to be aware of only the linear, 4th dimensional consciousness. (Remember geometry, algebra and graphs?) Now, as the evolution of mankind continues, we are able to begin to incorporate our multidimensional consciousness - which is quantum physics. 

We are on the leading edge of a New World where science and spirituality converge naturally. This expanded human consciousness changes the attributes of human nature from ego centered, competitive and war-like to a human biased towards love, collaboration and tolerance. As we achieve this collectively - a heart-based human species - the mysteries of the multidimensional consciousness which have been hidden so that we cannot weaponize the deeper laws of physics will reveal to us free energy from the atom, coherent DNA and much, much more.

Come join us for a fascinating peek into the future of mankind being created right now by each of us. Understand how opening your mind and heart at the individual level within your own life, within your own consciousness matters to all of us and the future of Earth and the New Humanity. Come see the Big Picture - A New View of Life - and how you are elegantly and uniquely an integral and cherished part of it.

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Kathy Kirk, Consciousness Bridge and Light Worker, is the creator of Applied Spirituality™ a body of work synthesized over 30+ years to assist the evolution of individuals and mankind into the Golden Age by bridging science and spirituality. Kathy’s background includes the sciences (pre-med) and business (corporate and entrepreneurial). A graduate of Cornell University, Kathy is the author of two books, Well Done – A Story of Applied Spirituality, and The Earthling's Quick Start Guide. Kathy  reinterprets everyday events in terms of consciousness at her blog, A New View and for the Cleveland Plain Dealer at She hosted a New View of Life Radio Show encouraging Americans that the most patriotic thing they can do is to expand their minds into a New Higher Perspective.

Kathy, a powerful and humorous speaker, has addressed such groups as NAS North Island , Qualcomm, BAE Systems, SPAWARS, Mensa, the US Post Office, Cornell University, Phoenix House and San Diego County Libraries. She gives seminars, workshops and classes. Her signature class in self mastery , The Course: Loving YourSelf Unconditionally, is offered 4 times a year. She does both group and personal coaching; and loves to customize her talks to the audience’s area of interest and/or concern.  Contact